Illustrator – Breaking up compacted layers

New to Illustrator. When I open an ai CC file in CS6, all layers are compacted into one layer. How can I break it up into the original individual layers? How should I be saving my work to prevent this? Thanks


Files saved in Illustrator CC are not 100% compatible with earlier versions like CS6. Losing layers is the most common problem, so I’m pretty sure this is what caused yours.

If you want to back save an Illustrator CC file to CS6 without losing layers, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Select ‘Save As’ (choose type Adobe Illustrator (*.AI)
  2. Open the second dialog box ‘Illustrator Options’.
  3. The Illustrator Options dialog lets you choose the Illustrator Version in the dropdown box at the top.
  4. It is in this box where you want to choose Illustrator CS6 as the version to save.

Source : Link , Question Author : NewB , Answer Author : JohnB

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