Illustrator CC 2018: How to merge two ellipses with curved path

I have two ellipses of different radius and I want to merge them with two curved paths that connects the ellipses.

enter image description here

1) I have tried shape builder tool as per this question Illustrator: How to merge to circles and rectangle in illustrator from this sketch to make a blob?
by using 2 circles touching the ellipses, but the space between the ellipses is not getting selected. If I intersect the ellipses with 2 circles then the shape builder tool is working.

2) I tried metaball script with the 2 ellipses, but was unsuccessful.

3) I also tried cutting the 2 ellipses into two halves by scissor tools and tried to unite the halves using Pathfinder unite, it did not work out.


You can not directly combine paths in the middle of segments. The only way to connect paths is through anchor points. Anchor points only offer two path connectors – an “in” and an “out”. At no time can you have 3 paths connected to the same anchor point. You can never connect a path to the middle of another path.

The only ways to accomplish this would be …..

  • Expand the paths so they are shapes, then merge the shapes.
  • Duplicate portions of the ellipses so you can stack shapes on top of one another, but they would not be merged.

enter image description here

If you are looking to create a single, solid shape out of the overall outline, I would use the top method, then use the Shape Builder tool to just drag down the middle of the result.

enter image description here

You could also merely connect the inner paths, then use Pathfinder to combine the shapes…..

enter image description here

Note that Pathfinder doesn’t work well with unfilled stroked paths. Pathfinder prefers closed shapes for most operations. Really the Pathfinder Divide is about the only operation that will work with just strokes.

Source : Link , Question Author : mesumosu , Answer Author : Scott

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