Illustrator CC – create vignette/border that fades to black around a rectangle

I would like to create an effect around the border of an illustration (rectangle) where there is an effect of fading to black.

I’ve tried feather and outer glow but cannot get it to work; I’ve used 2 rectangles, the larger one in black in the background and the smaller one white in the foreground and performed a blend, and used multiply in the transparency setting, and still cannot get this to work as I’d like.


I would simply use a Gradient Mesh.

  • Draw a rectangle
  • Fill with black
  • Grab the Gradient Mesh Tool and click a spot near one of the corners
  • Set the fill to white
  • Click another corner on the same mesh path that was created after clicking the first spot
  • Click a third corner (Still with the gradient mesh tool)
  • Select the last corner mesh anchor that was generated and change it’s fill to white.

enter image description here

You can then move or alter the mesh point as desired.

Source : Link , Question Author : haz , Answer Author : Scott

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