Illustrator CC: Extending shapes along a path

I have a couple arrow shapes pointing at a given angle as shown in the image below. I’d like to extend both arrow points together, further along the same trajectory. How can I do this maintaining the same relative positions of the arrow paths?

Illustrator shapes


Since your arrows are shapes and not a path with a stroke and arrow head on it, you ill have to take the direct selection tool (white arrow) and select the 5 anchor points creating the arrow of each arrow [fist image from the left] and then drag them around or use the arrow keys to move them [second image].

enter image description here

Selecting an anchor point allows you to move only that point.

You might want to figure out the angle of your arrows, create a line at that exact angle and place it at the tip of one of the arrows to guide yourself along that line when moving them.

Source : Link , Question Author : christian , Answer Author : Wrzlprmft

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