Illustrator: changing the opacity of fill and stroke independently won’t work

I’ve read various threads on how one can change the opacity values of stroke and fill individually by going to the Appearance panel. Unfortunately I cannot do that and I’mm stuck.

As you can see in the picture, when I’m selecting the yellow triangle and going in the Appearance panel, I get a fill and stroke option, but when I adjust them, nothing happens to my shape. This is a mixed object but even when I expand fill & stroke and ungroup the shape, I cannot adjust the fill opacity.

I want to adjust all three triangles’ fill opacity without affecting the stroke. Please help.



You should expand the small triangle on the appearance panel and adjust as usual –

enter image description here

If it does not work – probably the problem it the way you created the shapes

Source : Link , Question Author : user27576 , Answer Author : Ilan

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