Illustrator color fill problem

I’m working on a packaging box and I have a ready template.

I’m not an expert in Illustrator and I can’t seem to fill the other boxes with colour.

If anybody knows how I can successfully fill color in, please let me know.

Example of dieline of a packaging project


You’re doing it right by using rectangles instead of using the dieline to fill the shapes.

Don’t use the shape of the dieline and fill it. Add rectangles and your fills separately from the dieline.

It’s better to keep the dieline ON TOP, on another layer of your filled colors because:

  1. Your need to add the bleed and that bleed has to be in 45 degree
    angle in some parts (maybe). Right now you have no bleed on your dieline and it’s wrong.
  2. There’s areas of your box where you shouldn’t have fill because
    there will be glue added there
  3. You don’t want to print the dieline by accident; this one should be
    in a spot color and set to overprint trapping

This is how it should look like when you’re done. I used some other to make it more visible. The corners sharing a bleed should be at 45 degree.

Example dieline

Don’t put white areas between bleed areas; fill everything with the same color to avoid “stamping” on press (for example, the bottom part is all filled with the same color, the bleed isn’t limited to the edges of the dieline)

And where you know there will be glue, you should leave 0.375″ to 0.625″ of white area there; the glue will stick better this way!

I also suggest you read about rich blacks:

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And bleed:

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And dieline/diecut:

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Source : Link , Question Author : Monica , Answer Author : Community

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