Illustrator: concat singles chars back to text to path

In Illustrator, I sometimes get a problem with imported files saved by Inkscape, CorelDraw etc: text on a path got converted to single chars without being connected to the path. The path and the chars are still there.

I’ve put an example in the attachment (exported from CC to CS to be compatible to anyone).

I’ve found some scripts to concat the text to a straight line, but not back to the curved one. Of course, I could do it manually, but often there are hundrets of those fragments…

Anyone with an idea?

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  • Select the text object (All of them meant to be on the path)
  • Edit > Cut
  • Select the Type on a Path Tool
  • Click the path
  • Edit > Paste
  • Reinsert the spaces (because they will be lost in most cases)

Source : Link , Question Author : Lars-Daniel Weber , Answer Author : Scott

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