Illustrator CS5 Artboard convert error

I’m trying to convert a vanilla rectangle to Artboard in Illustrator CS5.
Using the rectangle tool, creating a 100×100 rectangle, selecting
Object > Artboards > Convert to artboard,
I get a error dialog saying “To create Artboards, select non-rotated rectangles that are not clipping masks.”

Now, since my rectangle is not rotated or not a clipping mask, I have no idea what’s wrong. Do you ?

NOTE: Have tried restarting Illustrator and tried multiple times. The problem is bound to that document only. That is, if I create a new document in Illustrator, I can easily create artboards with this method.


It should work just fine. I made my own 100 x 100 shape in Illustrator CS5 and did Object > Artboards > Convert to artboard without any problem. I would suggest trying to recreate it, it may be that you accidentally rotated it by just a bit. Oh and, restart Illustrator. Adobe products sometimes get glitchy and a simple restart of the program may just fix your issue.

If it’s bound to that specific document, it may just be easier to move everything over to the new document. It’ll save you the headache of figuring out what’s wrong, which is more effort than it’s worth if the solution is to simply move everything over.

Source : Link , Question Author : olafure , Answer Author : Hanna

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