Illustrator CS5 brick pattern with perspective

I created a curving arrow shape that starts wide at the bottom and thins out near the top where the point is. I also created a brick pattern swatch but when I apply it to the shape it appears like the pattern is overlaid instead of like a real road where the bricks follow the shape and narrows near the most distant point. How can I apply a perspective to the brick pattern without looking like I used a clipping mask?

Here is a link to what I achieved with a clipping mask – not what I want though. I need the bricks to look like they are inlaid just like in real life.



An easy way is to redraw your arrow and use Illustrators 3D-Tools to do the perspective parts.

You start by redrawing your arrow in 2D like this:
enter image description here

Next up, apply your brick pattern to your arrow.
enter image description here

Then you use Effect > 3D > Rotate
Check the preview box and adjust the settings to your liking.
(To bring in the perspective you need to adjust the perspective-slider)

Hit okay and you have an arrow with a correctly mapped pattern as you can see here:
enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Dr Dave , Answer Author : Afterlame

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