Illustrator CS5 Distorts Vector on Resize, using Scale Tool

When resizing a vector group in Illustrator CS5.5 with a custom made symbol in the group I get distortion of the proportion of the shape.

Before and after distortion

I’ve tried

  • Tried resizing with selection tool holding down shift or option
  • Turning off align to pixel grid in the transform panel
  • Turning off align to pixel grid in the symbol option
  • Checking Enabled Guides for 9-slice scaling is turned on
  • Checking Scale Stroke & Effects is turned off in preferences

Can you help me resize this without the distortion?


Have you tried grouping first? Maybe clear everything in the appearance panel?

If the curve is corrupt somehow, maybe running a path>simplify (with the settings turned down where it doesn’t change the shape) will redraw the shape? Long shot, but it may un-corrupt it…

Source : Link , Question Author : glenstorey , Answer Author : John

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