Illustrator ctrl-drag to snap to path: how to make it default?

How do I make ctrl-dragging (to snap to other paths) the default way of dragging in Adobe Illustrator cs6 — without pressing any key? I recently upgraded from Illustrator cs3 to cs6, and I had this behaviour in cs3. And I’m missing it.


Snapping has nothing to do with the Ctrl key, at least not in Illustrator. Items either snap or not based on preferences and view menu settings. The Ctrl (or Command for Mac users) does not alter snap behavior in any way, never has in Illustrator. I sorely wish it did.

You may need to turn on Snap to Point, Snap to Grid, or Smart Guides in the View Menu and ensure the snap distance in the preferences is set how you want it.

My guess would be you simply need to turn on Smart Guides.

Source : Link , Question Author : Vincent , Answer Author : Scott

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