Illustrator – Delete points but keep curves

I am used to editing vector graphics in FontLab, which allows you to simplify vectors like this:

The behavior I’m used to

If I delete a point from a curve, the program will roughly maintain the original shape by adjusting the handles of neighbouring points to compensate. Result: A curve that looks roughly like the original.

However, in Illustrator, the default behavior seems to be different, and it drives me a little bonkers—not quite because I’m used to the behavior above, but because in 90% of cases it’s actually better for my particular use case and illustration style.

The behavior in Illustrator (it seems)

If I delete a point from a curve, the result is a straight line between the original points. If I want to recreate the original shape, I have to do some combination of joining points and adding/adjust handles.

Is there something I could be doing differently to get the behavior I’m used to? I would love for it to be as straightforward/keyboard-friendly as I’m used to Fontlab, without having to click a bunch or manually add or adjust handles. For all I know I’m using the wrong tool or action; though I’m not new to Illustrator, I haven’t used it much to directly edit curves before.


Unfortunately, no.

The Illustrator behavior you are seeing is simply how Illustrator treats Bezier curves and anchor removal.

If you’re interested, there is a third party vendor who makes a plug ins called VectorScribe and InkScribe. Both these plug ins have “smart” anchor removal tools which allows you to remove anchors and maintain curves.

It’s a shame you need third-party tools for such, seemingly, basic path operations.

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