Illustrator exporting SVG, viewbox doesn’t match artboard size?

I’m attempting to output an SVG from Illustrator. My artboard is 256×256 pixels. The top left of the artboard is at 0,0.

When I export my svg, the viewbox attribute is 0.5 792.5 256 256. Why isn’t it 0 0 256 256?

All layers/paths/etc are within the 256×256 box. Nothing is outside of it.

Also, I just created a fresh 256×256 document and copy/pasted all my layers from the old file to the new one and the viewbox was 0 0 256 256 as expected. So what was it about the original file that was throwing in that offset in the viewbox?

Update: I just deleted all the layers except for one, and exported. The viewbox is now: 0.5 536.5 256 256, which still doesn’t make sense. Especially since the artboard is empty now.

Here is the AI file if you want to look:


there’s nothing wrong with the .ai you provided. i looked at it, spotted nothing wrong, I tried different export options, even resizing the artboard and moving it around.

I did some reading and it turns out Adobe did a half job when it included svg support. Adobe does not use svg viewboxes and offers no way to actually define a viewboxes coordinates.

What you experienced usually happens when you drag / resize artboards on a document. A number of people found themselves facing this issues and the only workaround seems to be exactly what you did. File -> New.

Another fix would be importing the svgs in Inkscape and exporting from there. But I think the file new is way faster.

I’m sorry I can’t help you more, it’s really up to Adobe to fix this.

PS: This question has some good answers.

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