Illustrator: Getting solid color values from transparency? [duplicate]

I created a logo in illustrator and after much experimentation, settled with a design which the client approved.

The problem is, some shapes have a transparency of 60% which looks amazing on white but I need to clean this up before sending final files to the client.

Question: How do I get an accurate solid colour value from a 60% transparent shape in Illustrator?

Things I’ve tried:

  • The eyedropper in illustrator only gathers the 100% colour value not the 60%+white which I need.

  • Pasting / Importing into Photoshop changes the colour appearance completely even though both are viewing as CMYK


Sounds like Object → Flatten Transparency might work for you:

Flatten Transparency dialog

Take a look at this simplified example:

Illustrator screenshot

Using Flatten Transparency will turn the two shapes into 3 with the transparency, well, flattened:

Illustrator screenshot

Unfortunately, this does not preserve the colors exactly as they are initially rendered. In the example above, the lighter pink changes from #FFABAB to #FFA9A9 (using CS5). Use with caution!

Source : Link , Question Author : Pdxd , Answer Author : JohnB

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