Illustrator help: My white image border is not appearing in saved .png or .tiff files

I am using Illustrator CC to create an 18in x 24in poster. I have a one inch white border around the image. When I export the file for the client to proof it, the border is gone and the image is cropped to the first place there is color. It is not exporting the entire artboard. Why is this happening?


When exporting, Illustrator’s default behavior only preserves area that contains an object. That means that empty space around the edges of the artboards will simply be trimmed off and the resulting .png (or whatever you’re exporting as) will only contain the artwork itself.

For what you’re trying to do, you want to force Illustrator to treat the artboard as a crop area during export. To do that, enable the Use Artboards option on the export dialog. Here’s what that looks like:

screenshot showing Adobe Illustrator export dialog with selected Use Artboards option

Source : Link , Question Author : user25798 , Answer Author : justin

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