Illustrator: How to achieve this look?

Got quick question – been strugling with that for a while. I’m expanding my skills with illustrator and trying to achieve various effects. Right now I try to copy that effect – filling object with continiously upscaled stroke.



So i started with two simple shapes (red one) and then scaled them down. After that used pathfinder. I got two shapes with strokes scaled down. And that’s when problems started:

  1. My shape seems to be a little bit clumsy. In original picture shape is well rounded, without visible curving. In my copy place when stroke curve ends and straight line starts is very well visible.

  2. It seems that in original picture white/blue and pink/yellow strokes all ends in one place. On my shape it’s just upscaled stroke cut in half with pathfinder, so naturaly they end on pink outline.

I assume that 1 problem is all about setting the right value on handles. But second one – I have no clue. Is it blurring ?

enter image description here


It’s just a case of adding Blend to your shapes:

Start off by creating the base shapes like so

enter image description here

The add a blend between shape 1 and 2 in the image above and you’ll be left with thise (after adjusting the steps)

Object > Blend > Make >

Object > Blend > Blend Options

You’ll be left with something like this

enter image description here

Then repeat the same steps between shape one and two in this pic

You should then be left with an image that looks like this

enter image description here

enter image description here

All you need to do then is apply the colour to your first and last shape so it blends between them. and repeat for the inner blend and you’re done!

That’s it for the main effect, anything else will be post effects like noise for the grainy look.

Source : Link , Question Author : zombiezorro , Answer Author : SaturnsEye

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