Illustrator: How to drag-to-select objects atop another object

I have several objects atop a rectangular backdrop, and I’d like to select them all via drag-selection (ie, creating a rectangle selection box around them).

Problem is: anywhere I can start the rectangle, the backdrop gets selected and my dragging just moves that.

Wondering if there’s another solution besides the ones I’ve already deduced:

  1. start selection off-artboard or on a locked object, then deselect items i don’t want

  2. be more judicious about locking background items (not an unworkable solution, but inconvenient in this project.

I’m asking mainly b/c, in Inkscape, holding down Ctrl makes your dragging automatically a selection box, avoiding this problem. My hope is that there’s something similar in illustrator.



As described by @jongware in comments to OP, working in outline mode obviated this problem

Source : Link , Question Author : Brandon , Answer Author : Brandon

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