Illustrator: how to export artwork by layers

I made a large project with a bunch of layers, but I need each layer exported as it’s own (.jpg/.png) image.

I know there’s a way to export my project by artboards, but now It’s all in separate layers (on one artboard).

What would be the easiest way for me to export all my layers (~25) without cloning each layer to a new artboard (and then dealing with all the placement etc.)?

Is it even possible? Would I have to use a script?


You can use this nice script by Tom Byrne.

Just copy this code into a notepad and save it as all files and with the filename MultiExporter.jsx.

Then drop a copy of that into your scripts folder. It can be found under

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator [YOUR VERSION]\Presets\en_[YOUR LANGUAGE]\Scripts


C:\Program Filesx86\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator[YOURVERSION]\Presets\en_[YOUR LANGUAGE]\Scripts

Then in Illustrator, use the File > Scripts > MultiExporter option to bring up the dialogue box. From there it’s all fairly self explanatory.

enter image description here

Once you have each layer exported you can just split the pdf up and place each “page” as a new layer or whatever you need to do to recover your work!

Source : Link , Question Author : WELZ , Answer Author : Ovaryraptor

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