Illustrator: how to fill shapes with a 45 degree line pattern?

Any way to fill these shapes with a pattern somehow, and avoid that duplicated line system which looks like a total mess in the keyline view below? Any cleaner way to fill shapes with a pattern like this?

Ideally looking for a solution that works with both rectangular and circular shapes as seen below.

enter image description here


You can create a Pattern Swatch and use that pattern as a fill. I would start with what you have already, with two specific notes:

  1. Make a perfect square as your background.
  2. Space the diagonal lines so that they divide the square evenly. (I used a 2 inch square and 1/4 inch spaced lines)

Copy lines by exact amounts

lines over a background

Then create a clipping mask the same size as your background

clipped pattern

At this point you can drag the whole clipping group into the Swatches Panel.

drag into Swatches

When you assign this swatch as a fill to your desired object, double-click on the swatch to edit the options. Select the “Size Tile to Art” option and you’re done.

Pattern in action

Source : Link , Question Author : Lucian , Answer Author : Jory O

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