Illustrator: how to make “color theme” groups

In Illustrator, I want to use a color that is a placeholder so that later I can change it in one place, and everything using that color will be changed. Simply knowing what AI calls this feature might be enough to find it in the online help! I’m pretty sure I saw this some time ago.

More generally, can I create a group of theme colors, and change them as a set? What about colors based on theme colors as a starting point, but (e.g.) made lighter or otherwise transformed?


These are called Swatches

  • create any number of swatches that you need via the Swatches palette, which also has an option to create groups of swatches (marked J below)
  • make sure you tick Global for each one – this allows you to edit one swatch and automatically update every object using that color

enter image description here

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : JDługosz , Answer Author : Lucian

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