Illustrator Isometric scaling

I created a grid and started my design/illustration on it.

Deep in the project I realize that some object are supposed to be bigger in size.
So first thought was to scale it up.

The problem is that I can’t scale it on grid. It just won’t fit anymore.

Any ideas on how I can get this done without having to do it all over again?

This is the original:
This is the "original"

And this is after scaling:
enter image description here

You can see at the right side that it isn’t on grid anymore. No matter how far I scale it just won’t fit.


You would have to do each side manually (especially if trying to make it follow the grid).

What you do is, use the Direct Selection Tool (A) and select all the points that would have to move in that specific direction and then move just those points (it’s a bit hard to explain, so I’ve included a screen capture)

GIF showing the proccess

You see how I selected all the anchor points that would need to move up, and then dragged it up. Followed same approach for sides.

I’ve made circles and arrows on what I think which Anchor points need to move where in your case etc. Image

Source : Link , Question Author : Interactive , Answer Author : WELZ

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