Illustrator moves objects using “transform again” with scale

  1. Have several copies of the same object moved around to different areas in the artboard.
  2. Decide you want to scale them all by 75%.
  3. Select the first object, do the scale.
  4. Select the next object, press Command + D.
  5. The object is scaled, but moved in position relative to the original object. Not on top, but near it.

How can I stop this behavior? Using Command + D is a great shortcut, but it defeats the purpose if I have to move objects around again. Perhaps there is a setting I’m missing?

Note: this only occurs using Transform->Scale for me. On the others it will work correctly.


Yes, the Duplicate (CmdD) shortcut is great at times, but it retains the original origin point for any transformation. There are times where this is very beneficial, like step and repeating.

If you need to scale several objects throughout the artboard and you do not want them to change position, a better alternative is to select the objects, then use Object > Transform > Transform Each.

The Transform Each function will allow each object to use a reference point based on its own shape via the 9 point origin box on the Transform dialog window.

Source : Link , Question Author : o_O , Answer Author : DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ

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