Illustrator: noting fonts before creating outlines

Is there a way to keep a ‘virtual notebook’ of a file so I can remember which fonts I used after I’ve created outlines? I really like fonts and have far too many, so it’s hard to remember which one I used.


I have also wondered about this while making proposals for logos, trying out different fonts then converting to outlines so I can play with the object box better or adjust the lettering.

What I do is actually make notes outside the artboard so I always know which version was set in which typeface. These are just drafts ofcourse and I will also keep editable versions on the other side of the artboard, so if the client requires other edits I can easily go back to the non-converted text.

When the client approves the work and commits to purchase the selected typefaces, I will usually clean up all the in-between versions and just keep a single AI file with both converted and editable name, or in many cases just the converted version.

Source : Link , Question Author : ATXBoyMom , Answer Author : Lucian

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