Illustrator now refuses to draw lines with stroke weight below 1 pt

Starting yesterday, Illustrator has been refusing to let me set a line weight under 1pt. If I set a lower one, the line snaps back to 1pt weight.

This is crippling to my work: The art is being output to a laser cutter. 0.01pt lines are how you signal “cuts” for the printer driver. Heavier weight lines are treated as “etch” commands. Without fine lines, I can’t cut things out.

I first noticed the problem yesterday, and it’s persisted through reboots and such. Prior to it cropping up, I’d been doing a lot of work with making custom brushes in Illustrator.

Has anyone run into this before or have an idea what might cause it?


Uncheck “Align to Pixel Grid” in the Transform Panel.

You may need to first select objects, then uncheck the option on the Transform panel.

When opening a new document you can uncheck the “Align to Pixel Grid” option in the new document dialog box as well.

This is a feature in Illustrator 15.x (CS5) to assist in the creation of sharp web/screen images. The pixel grid assumes the smallest measurement is 1 pixel so as little anti-aliasing as possible is used. This allows strokes or fills to be sharp and crisp when output for screen devices. However, it also means you can not draw a stroke smaller than 1pt (1px) and some paths or fills may move slightly to align to the pixel grid.

You may need to choose Show Options from the Transform Panel Menu to see the Align to Pixel Grid Option

Source : Link , Question Author : baudot , Answer Author : Scott

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