Illustrator: Only show guides of current artboard

I have a document with multiple artboards that have different sizes, but all the same margin.

Now my problem is, that when I have two artboards next to each other, the guides I created for the margins will interfere with the artboard next to it.

Is there an option to hide all guides from artboards you are not currently working on?

Only solutions I have thought of so far:

  • positioning the arboards diagonally, so guides do not interfere
  • grouping guides per artboard and hide / unhide group

My preferred solution would of course be: as soon as I click on an object within an artboard, only the guides relevant for this artboard will show up, all others are hidden


My way to do it:

I use Shift + O to call the artboard tool.

Now when I drag a guide from the Ruler, it will limit the guide to the artboard.

When I finish it it will show my guide only inside that artboard.

Make sure to release the guides before duplicating that artboard to copy the guides too.

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Source : Link , Question Author : CrazyQwert , Answer Author : LeoNas

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