Illustrator pattern brush: Modifiying anchor point stretches shapes

I generated a pattern brush and when I draw a path and move one anchor end point with the direct selection tool then the shape of my pattern brush is stretched or shrunk like the circle in this picture (bottom).

However, if I change the size of the path via the normal selection tool then it’s fine (middle).


How can I solve that?


In all honesty, I’d just use a standard stroke with an Arrowhead. Specifically Arrow 24…. part of the standard AI install. You can set the stroke to have the arrowhead on both ends.. and well.. it’ll scale with the stroke weight and offer more control over the size of the circles.

enter image description here

But.. if you really want a brush…..

You would be better served by an Art Brush for that artwork if the desire is to keep the circles always circles.

enter image description here

Drag the two circles and the path to the Brush panel….

enter image description here

Choose “Stretch Between Guides” for the Brush Scale Options

enter image description here

And then drag the guides (dotted lines) in the preview window so they are inside the circles…

enter image description here

You can then draw any length or curve and the circles will remain circles.

(if you get a “wonky circle” it means the end anchor point is a smooth point rather than a corner point. Convert that end anchor point to a corner point and the circle should straighten out.)

Source : Link , Question Author : Creatronik , Answer Author : Scott

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