Illustrator: Pattern Brush that narrows down all the way?

Has anyone knowledge on this Pattern Brush issue?

I want to make a line, which narrows down all the way from start to end. So I have made this form (see image) into a pattern brush. I have played with the pattern brush options as much as possible and have applied that pattern brush on a path I have made with the Pen tool, yet ending up invariably with a result something other than what was desired.

I’m using Illustrator CS5.


If you want a “pattern” that goes all the way from the start to the end of a path you don’t need a pattern brush you need an art brush. Just select “Art Brush” when creating your brush:

In this case though you’d be better off using a width profile. There is a default width profile exactly as your example:

You can also use the Width tool (shift+W) to adjust the width manually of your stroke:

Source : Link , Question Author : kauneudenrakastaja , Answer Author : Cai

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