Illustrator – Print copies with sequential numbers

I have an Illustrator document, which has a text field with a number.

How do I print X copies of it, so each copy has a different sequential number on it, say from 0000 to X ?


Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think Illustrator is meant for that sort of thing. But, as someone who likes to use Illustrator all the time, it’s good to see if we can find a solution in it!

You can probably make a script. Illustrator’s Document object has a print() method that lets you set print options. If you’re not familiar with scripting Illustrator, check out the ExtendScript Toolkit’s Object Model Viewer to explore, or check out their PDF guides.

So, you’d have a text frame that you could start with 0 (not sure if it’d be hard to do 0000) and loop up to whatever you need, printing each time. I don’t know if you can avoid a print dialog, but if you can that should make this pretty seamless.

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