Illustrator: Projection of one object onto another

Consider two overlapping shapes, for example a filled solid rectangle, and a solid circle.

I want a quick way to project the rectangle onto the circle in such a way that only the overlapping part is visible. The circle shall therefore act like a screen for the rectangle. In other words, the overhanging part of the rectangle should disapear.

I thought this could be accomplished with blending modes but I havn’t find a solution yet.


You can use Illustrators drawing modes to achieve this without the need for clipping masks.

  1. Draw the shape you want to use as the base shape.

  2. Select the appropriate drawing mode from the tools panel (below the color selector)

enter image description here

  1. Anything you draw or paste will now be clipped by the base shape you selected (depending on the drawing mode selected).

enter image description here

The three drawing modes are (A) Draw Normal, (B) Draw Behind and (C) Draw Inside.

Drawing Modes

You can learn more about using drawing modes here:

Source : Link , Question Author : Anton Alice , Answer Author : Cai

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