Illustrator, Save for Web: keeping Art and Type optimization separate in one go?

When exporting for web in Illustrator, there’s the ever familiar Art Optimized and Type Optimized rendition schemes (apart from None).

Both schemes have their own perks on different types of elements. Unsurprisingly, Art Optimized excels for anything but text, whereas Type Optimized is often a lot better at rendering text/fonts. (Well, I guess that could be a subjective topic, but it’s irrelevant to the discussion – let’s just stay true to the fact; sometimes you prefer one or the other, and often (here’s the gist of the whole thing) you prefer both schemes treating their intended elements, respectively, right?

I often have to export two versions; one *_art_opt.png and one *_type_opt.png when making e.g. a logotype. Then, I have to place both rendered images on two layers in Photoshop, cutting off the Art Optimized portion from the Type area, and vice versa. Just in order to get what I was looking for in the first place: OPTIMIZED art … in other words, “art” rendered Art Optimized and text rendered Type Optimized.

Factor in that I often make various different sizes; transparent versions and opaque versions; saved in various formats … and you have some SERIOUS™ time waste right there.

And so, the question

I just wonder, is there any method of having art elements treated with Art Optimized rendition and text elements treated as Type Optimized – all in the same go?

Below is an example showing how the logo mark appears good in one optimization (art) and the logo text appears better in the other optimization (type), in which I’d have to save two files and bring them into Photoshop to manually mix the good parts together :

enter image description here


When applying anti-aliasing in the Save for Web & Devices panel the entire export gets the same anti-aliasing method but you can apply the anti-alisaing on an object level.

Select an object and go to Effect > Rasterize.... Choose your desired ppi, it is better to always choose Use Document Raster Effects Resolution because then it will be easy to switch all your objects from 72ppi to 300ppi for example by clicking on Effect > Document Raster Effects Settings.... Select the anti-aliasing method you want to apply to your object. I always apply Type Optimized on text objects but you don’t need to do anything on graphics. The only time I use Art Optimized is on linked PSD pictures, you get a better result especially if you downscaled the picture in Ilustrator

Another advantage of this method is that what you see on your artboard (once all rasterize filters are applied) will be exactly what you will get when exporting so you can really control the final output.

The object will be rasterized but as it is an effect you can turn it on/off in the Appareance panel – so it isn’t really rasterized and doesn’t get altered. Then when exporting, don’t apply any anti-aliasing in the Save for Web & Devices panel.

Source : Link , Question Author : Henrik , Answer Author : dlmth

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