Illustrator shows a faded color of the color I select

Using Illustrator CC 2015.

I created a circle shape and the I select the fill color to be a bright red Red:255 G:0 B:0.

Problem is that the shown color of the circle is not red but a kind of orange.

I made sure that the circle:

  • has Opacity: 100%
  • the layer is at the very top of all other layers
  • No masks

The Color Mode of the document is RGB

Capture: enter image description here


That looks like:

  1. You have got the object fill (circle / square) set to OVERPRINT (check in the ATTRIBUTES panel) this will cause the colours to mix.
  2. You have got OVERPRINT PREVIEW turned on (which is why the colour is showing as a mix of red and yellow, i.e. orange).
  3. You have PROOF SETUP set to WORKING CMYK (which is why the colour appears dull, because you can’t print bright oranges out of CMYK).

Hopefully one, more or all of the above will help.

Source : Link , Question Author : JPashs , Answer Author : Westside

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