Illustrator strange artifacts on curves

After creating a path with rounded corners in Illustrator, I added a dashed stroke and aligned it inside the path (but the problem is the same when aligning outside).
Strangely I ended up with a lot of strange ‘glitches’ (?) along the path:

enter image description here

When aligned centered, the stroke looks neat and sharp:

enter image description here

I’ve tried changing stroke properties but nothing really helps.
Has anyone ever experienced similar behaviour? How can I get those sharp strokes back?

To create this symmetrical shape I first created the left half, copied it, reflected the copy and united the both parts with Pathfinder.

Here’s the actual document in case someone is interested:


Try these first:

  • Toggle the image preview between the CPU and GPU preview. This has been reported to possibly correct this issue (View > CPU/GPU Preview)

  • Ensure strokes are not set to align to the inside. Also reported to address the issue.

For this particular question……

I found the issue…..

Select the path and uncheck Align to Pixel Grid on the Transform Panel — Solved.

Apparently it’s some sort of drawing bug with Align to pixel grid.

It took me a bit to find this, but the misalignment across the collar started me thinking… why is that stroke not sitting on the path??? And that lead to the Align to Pixel Grid Setting.

In CC2017.. you need to check the little button all the way to the right of the Control Bar:

enter image description here

(Thanks to @cyptus for pointing that out)

If none of this helps . . .

You need to contact Adobe to address this technical issue. It may be a direct problem related to your specific system which can not be solved here.

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