Illustrator Text Bounding Box Resize

I have an illustrator file, and I need to resize the bounding box of all the components, without changing the size of the text. Is there an easy way to do this, or do I have to go and rewrite all of it in newly sized boxes? Thanks beforehand.


There is more information that is required before you question can be answered accurately. However, you may not fully understand the difference between the Type objects that Illustrator creates.

Depending on how you use the Type tool, 3 different basic type objects will be created:

  1. Type in an Area
    This is the type “in frames” that Alan refers to. It can be created by using the Type tool to drag out a bounding box, or by clicking the Type tool inside an existing shape object.
    Type in an Area (original)

    This type can have its bounding box resized. Text will be re-flowed, but the font will not be affected.

    Type in an Area (resized bounding box)

    It can also have the text continued in other areas.

    Type in an Area (continued)

  2. Type on a Path
    This is the type that follows a path. It can be created by clicking the Type tool on an existing path.

    Type on a Path (original)

    This type cannot be simply resized, as it will impact the font.

    Type on a Path (resized)

    However, if you select an anchor on the path and move just that anchor, you can re-flow the text and even continue it on another path.

    Type on a Path (moved anchor)

  3. Type on an Anchor
    This type is created by just clicking at a blank spot on your canvas and typing away. It is only registered to 1 base anchor.

    Type on an Anchor (original)

    Type on an Anchor cannot be re-flowed and any transformation operations will distort the text.

    Type on an Anchor (resized)

It is important to note that if you select multiple “Type in Area” objects, a resize transform will resize the bounding boxes and re-flow the text inside. However, if you select a Type in Area object and a “Type on Path” or “Type on Anchor” object, the transformation will be applied to the text and not just the bounding box.

Hopefully that gives you the ammo to resize your text areas appropriately…

Source : Link , Question Author : SuperTron , Answer Author : Farray

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