Illustrator Vector Graphics Appearing Pixellated

This has been puzzling me for a few days now, and I asked a graphic designer I knew before trying here and haven’t been able to solve it yet. It’s quite weird so please bear with me for a bit.

I am using Adobe Illustrator to create a logo, and I have something that can potentially work. I have used only the pen tool with strokes (no fill), but the issue is, when I view the logo at 100%, it looks pixellated! I know vectors should not even be able to appear pixellated, but they are. Here is the screenshot from AI, without exporting to anything:


That was just done using the snipping tool within Windows, and it’s at 100% zoom.

I have anti-aliasing turned on from Edit > Preferences > General, and the document resolution is at 300 ppi (I get the same result with 72 ppi).

Could anyone help me with this?

If relevant: Using CS6, and have a 24 inch Dell U2412M at 1920×1200 resolution. I do have a 21.6″ Samsung at 1680×1050 and I get the same result there as well. Let me know if you need any other settings, or if you would like the file, I’d be happy to provide it to be able to solve this problem.


Your monitor (or any monitor) uses pixels to display anything. It’s not possible for you to see anything on a screen unless pixels are used to display it. This is where you are seeing the pixels. Until some company somewhere invents a monitor which uses vector data to display content, you will need to become accustomed to pixels in every image. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for such a monitor.

Vector data is smoother than raster data upon scaling and output, not upon display. If you ensure anti-aliasing is checked in the AI preferences, that’s the best you can do since the monitor is still using pixels. You should see smooth edges when printed for vector data. And if using Save for Web, or exporting, you will want to ensure you choose the “Art Optimized” anti-alias setting within Illustrator to reduce the stair stepping of pixels as much as possible.

A retina display or monitor with a higher pixel density would smooth the edges more even though the artwork hadn’t been touched. There’s absolutely nothing you can do within any application to improve the pixel density of your monitor.

In short, this is the nature of digital displays. You can’t remove all pixel indications, because the display itself uses pixels. Better monitors will show them less, but they are still present, at least until some massive innovation in display technology.

Source : Link , Question Author : ozzyna , Answer Author : Scott

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