I’m a beginner: my client won’t answer simple questions I’ve asked to aid design, what to do?

It’s my first time designing for any one

Email sent:.

Hi [Client]! If you wouldn’t mind answering a few questions I need to know so I can communicate your brand better and have a better sight as to how you want the design 🙂

  • What does [Company Name] reflect (what’s the brands identity, why you chose [image company name evokes] etc.)

  • Who’s your ideal client for shop and e-liquid (target audience/who you ant to reach)

  • Who do you see as your e-liquids direct competitors

Please will you throw together a mood board of labels and images you like to give me a better feel for whats in your head

when you have the time

Cheers! Designer hat on Chloe

Email received:

you know what i want crisp, simple, perfect & clean, easy 😊🤟🏻

Also i have decided i will let you put your name on as the designer credit!



I don’t think he understands the design process, and it’s unpaid — but I don’t want to design the whole e-liquid graphic range for nothing — it’s a lot of work.

How do I bring this up? how do I price? I’m a beginner/novice!
Any help appreciated.


  1. Make a phone call. Do not use an e-mail for this interview.

    You can’t even know if he is answering this questions or he is just mentioning some previous ideas he has.

  2. If it is unpaid… do not do it. You are not only damaging yourself but the whole industry.

    The “Oh, I’m new” is not a reason at all. Either you have practiced a lot and have become good at designing or don’t do it.

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