Images blurring after placing in a Photoshop template

I created a new file in Photoshop. This file will serve as a template for my Facebook posts.
I then opened an image in Photoshop (size – 377KB; 1024×683). This image is quite sharp & clear as it is. But once I drag & dropped this image in to the Photoshop template, it lost all its clarity & now appears really blurred.

I feel this has something to do with my Photoshop settings but am really not sure. I am using Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.

I’ve also tried with multiple images and this blurring issue always crops up.

These are my template image settings:

New image setting in photoshop

This is the original image:

Original image

This is my image after attempting to edit it in Photoshop:

Edited image


Your template is 500 × 500 pixels (as seen in the Image Size dialog). Your original image is 1024 × 683 pixels. You’re reducing the original to roughly 500 × 430 pixels. The loss of quality in this case is pretty much expected.

The only real solution is not to reduce the pixel size of your image. You’d be much better off leaving the image at its original size and simply cropping in one direction (rather than cropping and resizing).

If you do need to reduce (or enlarge) the pixel size of your image then do so as little as possible and try resampling with different interpolation methods:

enter image description here

This may be of use:

A few notes on social media…

If you’re using this template for social media images then 500 × 500 pixels is probably too small. I’m not sure what the recommended sizes are these days but I usually (depending on the specific usage) make social media images around 1600 × 1600 pixels (keep in mind that only pixel sizes matter on screens, PPI is mostly irrelevant).

One thing to keep in mind is that Facebook and the like will actually further compress your images so you may see a drop in quality after uploading them due to that. The advice given is usually to keep the file size below 100 kb or use a PNG which may or may not prevent the images being compressed.

Source : Link , Question Author : Heena Aswani , Answer Author : Cai

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