Images or functioning websites for portfolio?

I am new web designer, should I include images or functioning websites in my portfolio?

All of my designs are personal projects that I have designed and built using html, css and javascript. By personal projects, I mean designs of generic website ideas: an e-commerce site, a hotel site, a travel site, etc.

Are images enough? Or should I include links to pages to demonstrate my ability to build my designs?


I’d suggest images should be enough to show proper UX/UI and a concept.

If there’s specific functionality that you’re looking to sell based off of (like jQuery calculator or advanced animation), then include a link to the live site, but honestly – only if you control it or can be sure it’s maintained.

I learned long ago that pointing to sites from a Portfolio relies too much on the client maintaining that site, not screwing it up, and a thousand other factors… Images look great in a portfolio, but what will kill your sell will be a link to a dead site, non-working demo, or something that a client has messed up.

So I’d actually recommend if you want to demo an interactive design, you should make a video of it and put THAT in your portfolio along with images of different pages.

Good luck!

Source : Link , Question Author : awpawluczkowycz , Answer Author : Brandon Dennis

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