import from photoshop to illustrator

I have an image with color (in photoshop), it is 512×512 with a radius of 80. This image has several blending options like color overlay, gradient, pattern overlay, etc.

I am trying to export this image to illustrator so I can add a 3d effects but when I import it to illustrator, and select the image, the outline is boxed and not curved to the radius so when I add the 3d effect, it’s essentially a cornered box and not a rounded box.

How do I get the outline to snap to the edge of the image and not edge of the canvas size?


In Photoshop you are working on bitmaps while in Illustrator you are working on vectors. It’a a big difference.

When you are pasting your work done in PS into Illustrator you place a bitmap – a rectangle (unless you are working with paths). If you want the image to have a different form you should draw a vector shape and mask the image with this shape, like shown here

Source : Link , Question Author : Community , Answer Author : Stephane Rolland

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