Improve the readability of a scanned map

I have an old scanned map showing data from a 1980 survey. The map is in a PNG format. The original data has been lost over time and this is the only surviving image from the survey. Few regions on the map have been faded out and not readable.

My ultimate goal is to redraw this image in Illustrator. Is there any way to improve the readability of this map ?

Any input will be really helpful.

enter image description here


I would just redraw it, in a suitable vector application, instead of trying to digitally improve the scan. For this is would try to scan as faithful and color representation without any noise removal so that i can use human eyes to eyeball info.

In addition to normal color channels I would try to scan the thing in UV ranges too as the detail can be visible in tose ranges aswell

Source : Link , Question Author : Thoram , Answer Author : joojaa

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