In a 85.6mm x 54mm business card, what is an ideal font size?

I would like to know what is an ideal and readable font size that I can use in a business card with the dimensions listed. Not too big but not too small. I was thinking it can be about 7pt for titles and then about 5pt for subtitles but I’m not sure!


5pt is not a readable size, especially if any bleeding or misalignment occurs. Why don’t you just print some tests out? Its not like you’re printing a poster or billboard. Any printer is big enough to let you test business cards.

Also there is no Ideal Size you have to look at it and determine how it fits with your image, your audience, and the text it contains. My name is Ryan, someone else might be Constantinidou. The font size for me vs the font size for that person could potentially be two very different sizes.

Source : Link , Question Author : Zozzy Constantinidou , Answer Author : Ryan

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