In Adobe Illustrator, is there a way to lock only an object’s position?

In Photoshop, I am able to lock specific aspects of a layer individually: transparency, content and location. I find myself in need of this functionality in Adobe Illustrator.

Is there a way to have an object be locked just in regards to its position? I want the object to stay put whatever I do, but I still want to be able to select it to change its colour or appearance. I just want it to not move.

I am using Illustrator CS6, if that matters.

For context: I am creating some pixel art with triangular pixels. I just created a huge grid of triangles, but when I’m selecting those to change their colour, I tend to move them ever so slightly, ruining my meticulously fabricated grid.



Illustrator objects are either locked entirely, or not locked entirely.

It is not possible to lock only specific aspects of any object within Adobe Illustrator.

Source : Link , Question Author : Vincent , Answer Author : Scott

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