In Illustrator which setting causes View->Snap To Grid to be replaced with “Snap To Pixel”

I have a document that seems to have the Snap To Grid option replaced with Snap To Pixel. I’m sure that Snap To Pixel can also be quite useful, but right now I want to snap to a larger grid. Does anyone know what setting I might have adjusted to change the drop down options? My first thought was the checkbox Align New Objects to Pixel Grid that comes up when you first create a document. However I tried creating two new documents with and without. Each had the Align To Grid option. I’ve also tried toggling: Align to Pixel Grid in the transform panel.

I’ve attached images below to illustrate the option which has been replaced:

Snap To Pixel
Snap To Grid


Pixel Preview is selected in your top image – thus…. snap to pixels.

Source : Link , Question Author : Lockyer , Answer Author : Scott

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