In Indesign, is there a way to delete all frames with a specific Object Style applied?

I need a plugin, or script that deletes frames with a specific applied style.
Or if there is already a tool exists in Indesign please guide me there.


If you need a more fine grained search engine you could also use the FindChange capabilities built into InDesign (you still need a little bit of code to delete all the objects though).

You can set the object style to search for or just specific properties in the FC panel and get all the found elements with this little script snippet.

 app.doScript(function() {
var objectsList = app.findObject();
for (var i = objectsList.length -1; i >=0 ; i --){
  }, ScriptLanguage.javascript, undefined, UndoModes.ENTIRE_SCRIPT, 'Object removal via script');

Update 2018-01-15: Make it a one step undo mode

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Roozbeh E , Answer Author : fabianmoronzirfas

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