In Inkscape, can I ‘Lock’ an object in place so that the remove overlaps tool moves only one object relative to the other?

When I use this tool both objects move equally to fulfill the specified pixels, is there a way that only one object moves? I am trying to use this in combination with the various distribute buttons under ‘Align and Distribute’ but the moving/placement of objects does not seem to be precise.

Just to clarify referring to the menu below

Align and Distribute Menu


As @Moinilein mentioned, Guides will be your friend in resolving this matter. A primer on guides can be found here:

Lets say you want to distribute objects A,B and C vertically with 10 pixels between them while ‘locking’ and not moving the bottom-most object C.

  1. Duplicate Object C (Ctrl+D).
  2. Convert duplicate to Guides (Shift+G or Object > Objects to Guides).
  3. Keep only the guides you need (in this case the bottom guide).
  4. Move objects A & B down so that B overlaps with object C and A overlaps with object B (pictured below).
  5. Select all and use the remove overlaps tool.
  6. While all are still selected, move up until bottom of object C snaps to guide.
  7. Remove guide if appropriate.

enter image description here

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