In Inkscape, how do I add a white background?

Currently, the saved svg file has a white and gray checkered background, which I assume to be because the background is transparent. I am trying to make this a white background. I viewed other answers, and one said to navigate into the files. I could not find the file button in Inkscape, so I decided to simply add a background square. After doing so, the problem is still unsolved.

Why is nothing working, and how can I fix this problem?


You are correct–that “checked background” is how many programs indicate transparent areas. SVG files have a transparent background. Changing the background color is not part of the SVG standard, so changing the background color in Inkscape won’t carry over to the SVG file when its viewed in a browser.

There are a few ways to get a solid background color:

  1. If you are exporting a PNG, on the File menu, click Document Properties.
    At the bottom of the Document Properties, click Background Color. Change it to whatever you want. Make sure that A (the alpha channel) is not 0. 255 is solid.
    Note: The page background is not a standard SVG feature, so browsers will probably not honor it. Only use this method if you are just converting the the SVG to a PNG with Inkscape.
  2. Put a rectangle in the background.
    Make sure that the fill color for it is white (I believe the default is transparent) and there is no stroke. This is probably the most browser friendly.

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