In Messages for iOS, can I delete an individual photos from a conversation?

While Messages for macOS allows for the deletion of individual photos from a conversation, the photos are not deleted on other iMessage clients so they have to be deleted off of each client that was open at the time. This is a problem when my girlfriend decides to text me risqué photos over the weekend and I left Messages running on my work machine. I guess I have some careful deleting to do tomorrow!

Anyway, I am unable to find out how to delete a photo from a conversation on iOS Messages at all. Is it even possible? The only way to do it appears to be to delete the entire conversation which I do not want to do. Anyone have any clues?


Go into the conversation on your iOS device (assuming iOS10). In the top right corner you should see an information symbol (“i” in a circle). Click on it. Then scroll down to the picture you want to delete. Then tap and hold the picture. Three options will come up: copy, delete, more. Select delete. If you’re using an iPhone 6s or newer, be careful not to force touch the image instead of tapping and holding.

Source : Link , Question Author : Darf Nader , Answer Author : NoahL

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