In photoshop how do I create an obfuscated window like this

I am trying to make a carbonless invoice for a client, however I need to create something like below to ‘blank out’ parts of the invoice on the copies. How would I fill a shape with random numbers, in Photoshop?

enter image description here


I am unsure whether you’d be able to create random numbers in Photoshop. You could, however, lay out a text layer with an externally created batch of random numbers:

  • create a text box much larger than the area you intend to cover;
  • paste in the random numbers from elsewhere;
  • using the Window > Character palette, set the leading to 25~35% of the point size–somewhat dependent upon the font chosen. So for 24pts text, you’d use a leading of 6~8pts;
  • Fill the text box with some more random numbers, as there’s more space now;
  • Add a mask to the layer to clip it neatly on the sides;

For good measure, you can copy the layer and rotate it 90° and apply the mask to both of them.

Source : Link , Question Author : MikeF , Answer Author : Vincent

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