In Photoshop, what is the quickest way to find a specific layer when there are many?

I’m working on cutting up a web design template and this has bugged me for years. On my psd file I have a bunch of layers and I want to crop out the arrow icon without anything in the background making it transparent when used on a site.

I usually just guess and hide layers until I find the correct one. It would be great if there was some type of shortcut to just isolate that specific layer. Even with a right click using the MOVE tool, its just get filled with layers in the popup box.

What are some quick and easy ways to extract the arrow icon with all the other layers hidden?

enter image description here


When using the Move Tool (pointer) change the option at the top to be Auto-select “Layer”, then you can use Ctrl + Click to select that specific layer. Or just check the box next to that option to always auto select the layer you click on.

Source : Link , Question Author : Patoshi パトシ , Answer Author : Gillian

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