Incorrect usage of hyphens in the form “Artist – Song Name”

I’ve read lots of guides about when to use hyphens (-) and when to use dashes (–). The usage is clear to me. And I want to stress a particular case where the hyphen is used incorrectly: “Artist – Song Name”.

I’m pretty sure the correct form is “Artist – Song Name”, yet I couldn’t find a YouTube music video which has the name written correctly. Can someone explain why is this? Like, should it even be a rule when literally no one obeys it?


Mainly because:

  1. The dash is not part of people’s keyboard. But the weird hyphen/minus character is (I mean ideally we would use minus for minus and hyphen for hyphen but that is just how it is).

  2. Most people do not know about typography.

  3. It’s not terribly wrong in the general audience’s opinion either. So saying it is incorrect is slightly stretching things beyond meaning. There are no rules, they are more like guidelines. So it is not wrong per se but it is not right either.

Source : Link , Question Author : Poder Rac , Answer Author : joojaa

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