Indesign: apply stroke to image contents, not image box

I have an image with a transparent background, which I’d like to apply a stroke to. The issue is, any time I apply a stroke to the image it applies to the image box and not the image shape itself.

Can InDesign recognize the shape of the transparent image and apply the stroke to that?

Below is the unwanted effect. I’d like the stroke to follow the people:
enter image description here


Never mind, I figured it out.

  • Object > Clipping Path > Options
  • Change Type to Alpha Channel

enter image description here

  • Object > Clipping Path > Convert Clipping Path to Frame
  • Apply effects

enter image description here

The downside I see to this method is that it only applies the stroke along the outer edge of the image. For my current project, this is fine, but could be an issue for other uses.

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Manly , Answer Author : Manly

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